New hours for CACFP Program
Breakfast will be served between 7am and 9:30am
AM Snack not part of CACFP-10am to 11am
Lunch will be served between 11am and 1:30pm
PM Snack will be served between 3pm and 5pm
Menu subject to change without Notice

JULY 2017

- 7
Breakfast: Assorted Cereal, Peaches, milk
Lunch: Flat Bread Chicken Melts, Green Beans, Pears, milk
Am/pm snack: Cookies, Milk/ Teddy Grahams, Apple juice
Center  Closed

Breakfast: French toast sticks, Mandarin oranges, milk
Lunch: Vegetable Chow main, White Rice, Corn, milk
Am/pm snack: Yogurt with granola, water/pop tarts, Milk
Breakfast: Assorted Cereal, Mixed Fruit, milk
Lunch: Beef & Cheddar Wraps, Mixed Vegetable, Sweet Peas, Milk
Am /pm snack: Rice Krispies treats, water/ Vanilla pudding, Milk
Breakfast: Bagels with cream cheese, pears, milk
Lunch: Bologna & cheese on whole wheat bread, Applesauce, Sliced Cucumbers, Milk
Am/pm snack: Pot luck, water/Crackers, 100% grape juice
Breakfast: Assorted cereal, apple chunks, milk
Lunch: grilled cheese sandwich, carrots, mandarin oranges, milk
Am/pm snack: pepperoni slices, crackers, water/ 100% grape juicer, Chex mix
Breakfast: English muffin, Jelly, milk
Lunch: hot dog on wheat roll, French fries, pears, milk
Am/pm snack: graham crackers, water/ cereal mix, milk 
Breakfast: pancakes, bananas milk
Lunch: BBQ Rib sandwich, Sliced potatoes, cream corn, Milk
Am/pm snack: ice cream, water/chocolate pudding, milk
Breakfast: Assorted cereal, grapes, milk
Lunch: Three cheese stuffed shells, peas, mixed vegetables, Milk
Am/pm snack: goldfish, water/ soft pretzels, 100% apple juice
Breakfast: waffles, apricots, milk
Lunch: ham & cheese sandwich on wheat bread, sliced apples, butter beans, milk
Am/pm snack: pot luck, water/ string cheese, water/ Animal crackers, milk
Breakfast: French toast sticks, peaches, milk
Lunch: Country fried steak, corn, Mashed potatoes, butter roll, Milk
Am/pm snack: Fig newtons, water/ cookies, milk
Breakfast: Assorted Cereal, Bananas, milk
Lunch: Chicken Florentine & Farfalle, chick peas, peas/carrots, Milk
Am/pm snack: pop tarts, milk/ mandarin oranges, crackers, water
Breakfast: pop tarts, blue berries, milk
Lunch: Sweet Teriyaki Chicken, white rice, Black beans, Apple sauce, Milk
Am/pm snack: Ice cream, water/ Vanilla pudding, milk
Breakfast: Assorted Cereal, Apricots, milk
Lunch: Chicken & three cheese mini tacos, green beans, Mandarin oranges, milk
Am/pm snack: granola bars, water/ apple slices, Carmel sauce, water/ vanilla wafers, milk
Breakfast: Wheat toast with jelly, sliced apples, milk
Lunch: Turkey and cheese roll ups, mixed fruit, diced beets, milk
Am/pm snack: pot luck, water/ salami & cream cheese roll ups, 100% apple juice
Breakfast: blue berries muffin, pears, milk
Lunch: corn dogs, mixed vegetables, grapes, milk
Am/pm snack:  cucumber slices with ranch dressing, water/ cheese cubes, crackers, 100% grape juice
Breakfast: Assorted cereal, pineapple chunks, milk
Lunch: fish sticks, mixed vegetable, mixed fruit, Milk
Am/pm snack: rice krispies treat, water/ Tapioca pudding, milk
Breakfast: Assorted cereal, peaches, milk
Lunch: Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, corn, mandarin oranges, milk    
Am/pm snack: Ice cream, water/ teddy grahams, milk
Breakfast: Assorted cereal, Bananas, Milk
Lunch: Pizza, carrots, pears, milk
Am/pm snack: cookies, milk/ carrots & celery with ranch dressing, water
Breakfast: pancakes, mixed fruit, milk
Lunch: chicken breast & cheese on whole wheat bread, chips, pine apple chunks, milk
Am/pm snack: pot luck, water/ mandarin oranges, crackers, 100% apple juice
Breakfast: bagels with cream cheese, apple sauce, milk
Lunch: chicken nuggets, butter noodles, peas, roll, milk
Am/pm snack: yogurt with granola, water/ water melon, crackers, 100% grape juice






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