World of Wonder Preschool & childcare Center - Menu - Whitehall, PA

 New hours for CACFP Program
Breakfast will be served between 7am and 9:30am
AM Snack not part of CACFP-10am to 11am
Lunch will be served between 11am and 1:30pm
PM Snack will be served between 3pm and 5pm
Menu subject to change without Notice

Question contact Michael Race CACFP Manager 

October 2018


Breakfast: English muffins with cream cheese or jelly, mandarin oranges, milk
Lunch:Meat ravioli, Whole wheat roll, cheese stick, green beans, pears, milk
Am/pm snack: cookies, milk/ orange slices, whole wheat crackers, water

Breakfast: Assorted cereal, bananas, milk
Lunch:Grilled cheese  on whole wheat bread, tomato soup, mandarin oranges, milk
Am/pm snack:Hummus with cinnamon pita chips, water/fig newton’s, milk

Breakfast:Waffles, pears, milk
Lunch:Chili, mashed, potatoes, whole wheat roll, mixed veggies, applesauce, milk
Am/pm snack:Tortilla chips with cheese and salsa, water/yogurt, granola, 100% apple juice

Breakfast: French toast sticks, peaches , milk
Lunch:Whole wheat macaroni and cheese with beef, peas, pineapples, milk
Am/pm snack:Yogurt with blueberries, water/ applesauce, graham crackers, 100% apple juice

Breakfast: Pancakes, blueberries, milk
Lunch:Chicken and cheese on whole wheat bread, pepper slices, mandarin oranges, milk
Am/pm snack:Potluck, 100% apple juice/ honeydew, crackers ,water

Breakfast:Bananas and whole wheat toast with jelly, milk
Lunch:Peanut butter and  jelly on whole wheat bread, String cheese, carrots, mandarin oranges, milk
Am/pm snack:Teddy grahams, milk/Goldfish, grapes, water
Breakfast: Assorted cereal, mandarin oranges, milk
Lunch:Chicken nuggets, whole wheat roll, corn, peaches, milk
Am/pm snack: apples and peanut butter, water/ Yogurt, granola,  water

Breakfast: French toast sticks, blueberries  milk
Lunch:BBQ chicken, whole wheat rice, broccoli, pears, milk
Am/pm snack: Vanilla wafers, and vanilla pudding, water/Applesauce, graham crackers, water

Oatmeal, peaches, milk
Lunch:Scrambled eggs with cheese, Whole wheat toasted bread with butter, corn, strawberries, milk
Am/pm snack: cookies, milk/ chex mix 100% grape juice

Breakfast:Blueberry muffins, Bananas, milk
Lunch:Turkey and cheese rollups on whole wheat wrap, carrots,  apple slices, milk
Am/pm snack: Potluck, 100% apple juice/ Granola bars, milk

Breakfast: Pancakes, strawberries, milk
Lunch:Hot dogs on whole wheat bun, French fries, green beans, pears, milk
Am/pm snack:  no mess s’mores, milk/ Trail mix, milk 

Breakfast: Assorted cereal, mixed fruit, milk
Lunch:Hamburger BBQ on whole wheat roll, cauliflower, pears, milk
Am/pm snack: cucumbers, ranch dip, water/pop tarts, mixed fruit, water

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, sausage patties, hash browns, pears, milk
Lunch:Garlic chicken with whole wheat egg noodles, broccoli, peaches,
Am/pm snack:Cookies, milk/ Strawberries, crackers, water

Breakfast: Assorted cereal, apples, milk
Lunch:Tacos on whole wheat shell, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, applesauce, milk
Am/pm snack:Mandarin oranges, cheese, water/  granola bars 100% grape juice

Breakfast: Waffles, mandarin oranges, milk
Lunch:Bologna and cheese on  whole wheat bread, mixed fruit, baby carrots, milk
Am/pm snack: Potluck, 100% apple juice/ Cheese its, grapes, water

Breakfast: Whole wheat toast with Nutella, pears, milk
Lunch:Chicken alfredo with whole wheat noodles, broccoli, mixed fruit, milk
Am/pm snack: English muffins, cream cheese 100% apple juice/Cheese, crackers, water

Breakfast: Assorted cereal, blueberries, milk
Lunch:Chicken, corn, chowder with whole wheat biscuit, applesauce, milk
Am/pm snack: Cookies, milk/ Apples slices with peanut butter, water

Breakfast: Waffles, strawberries, milk
Lunch: Lasagna, peas, pears, milk
Am/pm snack: whole wheat toast and jelly milk/ Granola bars, milk

Breakfast: Assorted cereal, 100%, pears, milk
Lunch:Meatball sandwich on whole wheat roll, corn, peaches, milk
Am/pm snack: tortilla chips, cheese sauce, water/ pretzels, string cheese, water

Breakfast:French toast sticks, peaches, milk
Lunch: Pizza, peas, pears, milk
Am/pm snack:Pot luck, 100% apple juice/ goldfish, mandarin oranges, water

Breakfast:Oatmeal, mixed fruit, milk
Lunch:Baked ziti with meat and cheese, green beans, peaches, milk
Am/pm snack:Cookies, milk/ Chex mix, 100% grape juice

Breakfast: Assorted cereal, pears, milk
Lunch:Chicken fingers, whole wheat roll, peas, applesauce, milk
Am/pm snack:Cheese, crackers, water/ mini bagels with strawberry cream cheese , 100% apple juice

Breakfast: Blueberry muffins bananas, milk
Lunch: Corn dogs, whole wheat roll, green beans, mandarin oranges, milk
Am/pm snack: orange slices, crackers, water/ goldfish, grapes, water








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